FUSE Festival 2022  

Young and old compete for your attention in a theatrical arena

Traditions are dying.
Disappearing into an ocean of content.

Gmail is the new snail mail, Netflix is the new cinema, OnlyFans is the new pen-pal, Chalamet is the new Brando, and plastic is the new cotton.

The divide between young and old has stretched beyond reconciliation. Or so they say.

Experimental theatre company Pony Cam are teaming up with a radical group of baby boomers from Darebin to make a show.

It’s about time and grief and sex and regret. It's about the stuff we don't say, shouldn’t say and have forgotten how to say. It's disarming, it's funny, it's irreverent and it's painful.

Anything You Can Do is a timely reminder that you don’t know sh*t about age.

Created and directed by/ PONYCAM
Created and performed by/ 
Maria Ferguson
Sarah Kipnis
Sylvie Leber
Mark Loveday
Brona O'Brien
Bernard Peasley

Special thanks to Darebin FUSE Festival and their support through the FUSE Fund, Northcote Uniting Church (Chalice), Auspicious Arts Projects, Bobby Garbett for his contributions during our creative development and our wonderful Collaborators. 

When/ Friday 11 - Sunday 13 March Northcote Where/ Uniting Church - Chalice 
Tickets/  $15-25
Facebook Event Page: