Hello there. Welcome to our digital footprint.

We are an award winning experimental collective of five theatre makers from around Australia.

Our work is driven by a desire to bring people together to create experiences that could not otherwise be had. By subverting well-known forms, activating unexpected spaces, and inviting audiences into our work in unexpected ways, we create moments where audiences are challenged to question their assumptions, laugh at themselves, and reject habitual recourse.

As an ensemble we have trained together for over five years, and our practice is instinctive, physical, and highly playful. No two of our works are formally the same, but each is driven by a desire to reimagine our impact in the world, find joy in community, remain utterly silly and laugh in the face of tragedy.

The current line up for Pony Cam is Claire Bird, Ava Campbell, William Strom, Dominic Weintraub and Hugo Williams.