We look at animals, and see ourselves. We cannot escape our anthropomorphic lens.

So, when ordinary chickens become the heroes and protagonists of their own revenge plot. Where does that leave the arrogant villains? The humans.

By attempting to unpack the everyday life of the chicken, PONY CAM falls into a wormhole of chicken. Like an energetic youtube playlist that barbarically bruises you with content, begging you to submit.

A spectacularly weird, physical, and energetically contagious show that asks no questions, but still presents a whole lot of answers.

...sad, honest, physically and emotionally confronting, brutal, funny, and always energetic.” (Theatre Travels)

The boundless energy which is PONY CAM is totally infectious and I like how they are not afraid to go wherever their scary minds take them.“ (What Did She Think)

Devised and Performed/ PONY CAM
Lighting/ Aedan Gale

Presented as part of The Butterfly Club One Act Play Season 2020