In development with HillsceneLive 2020

It’s no surprise that we have been stuck in our homes. Attending zoom calls, coping with lagging screens and patiently sitting for hours on end. As time trickles by, we remain in a state of unpredictability. Uncertainty and adaptability have been metaphorised as large hands perpetually slapping us across the face. They’ve left us impatient and sore. Wanting to see each other. To move, touch, rage, and exhaust our bodies together.

When we finally reunite in person, it should be a pleasant celebration...But nothing is certain.

CLOMB, is a multi-hour performance. A celebratory reunion. A rediscovery of the theatre, the theatrical, and of each other. Inspired by the frenetic kinetics of Gaspar Noé’s Climax, bedroom raves, our insatiable sense of play, and the possibility of a cash prize.

What happens when we make up for lost time? Make up for all the moments of play, love, frustration, mundanity, competition, and sexual tension with company member William Strom (Mr Slippery).

Created By/ PONYCAM
Images By/ Claire Frances

Climb was presented as part of the HillsceneLive Festival,  Livestreamed 14th November 2020