Drive By Paradise  

War-Rak/Banksia Festival, La Mama Dec 2021

We’ve been watching you.
Growing old as you wait for a show. In line for the toilet. Scrolling on your phone.

Now, we want to show you something.

We’re going to take you away.

A drive-by ritual for our new world order.

An Über to Paradise.

This place looks just like the one you know. There’s a sticky sense of nostalgia, but with more Slurpees...way more Slurpees.

This isn’t your world though, so don’t get too comfortable in the passenger seat.

This is a performance, an experience, a ride and a reckoning brought to you by experimental collective Pony Cam and a group of radical young artists.

But don’t try to buy a ticket. We’ll find you.

Created by/ Pony Cam 
Created and Performed by/ Charlotte Lynch, Isabelle Piccolo-Cody, Ivy Crago, Lakshmi Ganapathy, Lily Kennedy, Luey Kemp-Mykyta, Rumbi Mutezo, Scarlett Rose and Zadie McCracken

This project was made possible with the support of La Mama and presented at the War/Rak Bansia Festival 2021