In partnership with Yarra City Council
Experimental theatre company Pony Cam are bringing together a pair of world class chefs for an interdisciplinary cook-off. Artists vs Chefs vs One Very Big Clock.
Half daytime food drama, half live performance, Get It While It’s Hot is a cooking show like no other. A fast-paced, theatrical examination of food as a vehicle for story and skill.
Over 100 minutes of fierce competition, three teams will plate up three courses to a group of discerning judges. There’ll be mystery boxes, technical challenges, cravats, canapés, and theatrical sabotage. Each night a new winner will be crowned. Each night somebody will be going home.
This is a celebration of food. A recognition of labour. A culinary catastrophe just waiting to happen.

Created and performed by/ 

Pony Cam

In collaboration with our incredible chefs/

Elle Aswin, Nick Ollivier ‘Cooking with The Happy Chef’


Abbotsford Convent 



Thanks to/

The City of Yarra, the City of Melbourne’s Creative Spaces Program, Abbotsford Convent and Auspicious Arts Projects Inc.