Pony Cam x David Williams
Melbourne Fringe Festival 2022

Commissioned by Melbourne Fringe for their 40th anniversary festival, 6 theatre makers will recreate 12 moments from performance history. In painstaking detail they will commit Grand Theft Theatre.

An irreverent resuscitation of the performances you thought were lost to time. A celebration of the moments we sat in chairs, watched performers do incredible things and drank far too much gin.Moments from local companies such as The Hayloft Project, Gilgul Theatre and The Rabble will be smashed together with moments from international companies such as Forced Entertainment, Hotel Pro Forma and Gob Squad.

Together, we will unpick these moments into the here and now. We will pollute the space with their messes and their sounds. We will pervert our bodies with their intentions and timings. We will dismember the theatrical legacies that were forged with love, sweat, accidents, fights, resistances, loneliness and fake blood.

Created by/ 

Pony Cam and David Williams

Commissioned by/

Melbourne Fringe Festival. Supported by Auspicious Arts Projects Inc