Fuse Festival 2021

We’re creating a new world order.

It looks just like the one you created.

It still has concrete and cars. It still has money and hunger and greed. It still has slurpees.

Thank goodness it still has slurpees.

But it’s not your world.

This world was born from the one you watched die.

Experimental theatre company Pony Cam teams up with a group of young artists to transform an urban car park into a large scale performance space. Audiences will be confronted with a series of intimate performance works that challenge unchecked assumptions about youth.

Paradise Lots is an experience trapped between teenage cynicism and middle-aged optimism.

It is dangerous, physical and immediate.

Created and directed by/ PONYCAM
Created and performed by/ Darebin City Resident Youth Artists
Rumbi Mutezo
Scarlett Rose        
Lakshmi Ganapathy
Charlotte Lynch
Zadie Mccracken
Lily Kennedy
Ludomyr Kemp-Mykyta
Ivy Crago
Isabelle Piccolo-Cody

Paradise Lots is supported by Darebin City Council and Youth Services and was  presented at Northlands Shopping Centre as part of Fuse Festival  March 2021 

Special thanks to Youth Services, Fuse Festival and Northlands Shopping Centre