Are you a director, writer, visionnaire, or someone with a bunch of ideas but no bodies to
make it, shape it, and muck it about? 
Has the cast for your creative development fallen through? 
No time to hold auditions or left things last minute for your film?
Did the petting zoo you hired for your nine-year-old’s birthday get a flat tyre en route?
Well, look no further.

Pony Cam are an ensemble for hire.
Pony Cam have worked together as an ensemble of performers for over four years.
In this time, we have completed dozens of projects, from long-term engagements to last minute get-ups.

Pretend to be an extremist military group in the middle of the hot Australian bush? We have.
Been verbally abused while doing a roving street performance through the CBD?  We have.
Jumped into mouldy dams just because it looked cool on camera? We have.

So, no matter the project, if you need a group of performers: we could be yours.
Get in touch via email  with the subject heading Ponies for Hire, to discuss the needs of your