Presented as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival Hub 2020

A USB is delivered to your home. Your name is on the envelope.
Inside is a hilarious, touching, filthy f*ck storm of a story.

‘A Red Square’ jams nostalgic narratives, cartoons, and cultural taboos into a non-consensual semi-biographical PowerPoint about the life of a red square.

A square that, under your command, will move, want, fail, dream, breathe and most importantly, die. For when this square realises it is part of a twisted long-form powerpoint presentation, it might just fight back.

Red Square takes Pony Cam’s boundless energy and crams it inside the most coveted of artistic forms - Microsoft PowerPoint.

This project is amplified by a City of Moreland Microgrant.

Created By/ PONYCAM

Red Square will be a ‘a USB delivered to your home’ event presented as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival Hub, November 2020