Pt. II

A dark clown show like no other. SBTF Pt.II digs into the current anxiety epidemic of the West and our experience of ontological insecurity (some big themes for four innocent clowns).

This show is an exuberant onslaught of high modernity; featuring clowns, tarps, trees, spoons and cups, puppets that will melt your heart, meat suits the internet and oh so much more.

What will happen when the unspoken contracts we had with each other are broken? When the world around us cracks under our feet? When we’re left all alone in an endless YouTub compilation freak-out frenzy, screaming “what the hell is happening to us?”

Devised & Performed/ Gabriella Imrichova, Stuart Owen, Kaine Hansen and Claire Bird
Set/  Dinda Gardner
Costume/ Niamh Jolly
Lighting/ Zhiying Zhang
Sound/ PJ Reed
Photography/ Drew Echberg

Presented at VCA’s Theatre Showcase 2019